Technology Features
Our technology is a state-of-the-art all in one Gateway Cashier for the Fintech market.
Our Software Solution is based on Microsoft Azure Secured Cloud and maintained by a release control process avoiding disruptions and outages. We support end-to-end solutions for customers (clients, PSPs, affiliates, merchants, and acquirers), covering merchants for their day-by-day activities in a controlled way.

The solution serves globally multiple customers, solution providers, acquirers, and direct payment institutions (this way increasing confidence for newcomers).
Our Merchants benefit maximum revenues from retail services and financial transactions – all due to the optimal operation.

The system follows a BAAS (Backend-As-A-Service) model, incorporating a full suite of fully developed applications and gained market experience, helping multiple customer types and entrepreneurs to succeed & enjoy a rich set of capabilities.

Our platform is a hub with a variety of options for the integration of various merchants. It incorporates an intuitive workflow for various business logistics. It supports real-time processing, serving Mobile, Desktop, PC or Tablet.
We are all about improving the approval ratio and decreasing the decline rate.

Capabilities are exhibited in a distinguished way by a rich portfolio of management portals, interfaces & monitoring tools.


Customers benefit from available APIs, implementing standard protocols and open interfaces, helping clients & customers to start services right away with an expedited timetable.

APIs are accompanied by developer API documentation which allows integration with any website fast and smoothly. Our system has already integrated with multiple solution providers & acquiring banks so that integration hassle is minimized. A single API integrates it all.

APIs are configured with built-in exit points – this simplifies integration with external systems.

A rich set of Reply Codes contributes to quick reaction for any transaction.

Payment Methods​

There are both options to handle transactions: manual & automated modes of operation. While in the manual mode the Admin of the Merchant acts on behalf of the Client, in the automated mode, on the other hand, the client issues the transaction and tracks it to completion.



Hosted Payment Page (HPP) – this is used by both modes of operation, either client or merchant admin downloads the payment page, where all details of the customer and its payment method details are data filled. The HPP facilitates the hosting and management of personal information, available to the admin at a grasp and secured by its SSL certificate.

Silent post (B2B) – Allows PCI compliant websites to collect Client’s inputs and formats it into a transaction towards the gateway.


A range of “Alternative Payment Methods” (APMs) are offered as an extension beyond standard Credit Cards and Wire Transfers services. Among these are Mobile wallets, Bespoke Wallets, International remittances, prepaid cards, C2B, B2B payouts, as well as other new challenges among others.

Smart Routing

(Also referred to as Cascading) optimizes routing, load sharing across solution providers & acquiring banks. The transactions are filtered per multiple routing parameters (e.g., Payment Methods, Volume limits, Currencies, Origin country, Fees, etc.).


Our platform supports a varied base of multiple Provider Solutions (acquiring banks & financial institutions) worldwide.


The system is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. Our operators are equipped with effective risk management tools to confront AML and Fraud activities. Measures include Blacklisting, Whitelisting, Daily & Monthly volume limitations, Notify of excessive or suspicious usage.

Communication access is secured and encrypted. KYC documentation is uploaded, stored, and managed per each transaction allowing quick validation and approval of a transaction for settlements. Data on the system is secured per GDPR directives. The platform allows you to limit transaction volume (per currency) & limit interval between consecutive transactions (avoiding duplicates).

Multi currencies

Conversion rates are embedded in the system. We are also open to new and emerging ones.


Refunds, Chargebacks & Retrievals are managed on the system in a controllable procedure.


The platform provides Operation & Financial reports mechanism for tracking customer’s data, transactions, settlements, balances, and other activities. An easy way to break down expenses and profits, covering settlements & payouts by a trusted & controlled procedure, affiliates & partners enjoy revenue sharing and commission plans – all in one to encourage business and service expansion.