October 27, 2021
UK-based FintechCashier Partners with Xago to Expand into Africa with Certainty

Innovative UK payment services company, FintechCashier, chooses Xago as their preferred partner to expand their merchant payment ecosystem solution, Gateway Cashier, into Africa.

“We are honoured to be the partner of choice for the FintechCashier Group, to enable them to offer accurate and fast payment products and services across the continent. Utilising Xago’s gateway enables clients like FintechCashier to transfer funds from one point to another with efficiency, speed, and at low-cost, while being certain that they are partnering with a credible company,” announces Kevin Lewis, Chief Revenue Officer at Xago. 


Both Xago and FintechCashier manage security, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance with vigilance, making this collaboration an obvious next step to empower business owners in Africa.


The regulation of crypto assets in South Africa is anticipated to be sooner rather than later and Xago, announced recently that it is first to implement allowances for crypto.


“The FintechCashier Group is pleased to partner with Xago to enable our SMEs and Family Office clients to access the South African payments market and a foothold into the wider African continent. We are impressed by the professionalism of the Xago team and their in depth approach to moving funds across the world efficiently.

We are very confident that compliance and all regulatory requirements are up to date as, since its inception in 2016, Xago has championed fair regulation of the crypto industry and has been engaging with the South African Regulators,” comments Natalie Kastberg, Head of Operations at FintechCashier. 


Watch SABC TV News On Point’s Nompu Sizia interview Mark Chirnside, Xago’s CEO and Co-Founder, about the future of cryptocurrencies.


About Xago Technologies (Pty) Ltd.

Xago moves money across the world highly securely, quickly, and at low cost by utilising the power of blockchain technology, mobile networks and crypto payment rails. Xago is transforming the money transfer industry by bypassing traditional payment rails, with a core focus on empowering people in Africa. Crypto Exchanges, Financial Institutions, eCommerce Platforms, Retailers, Business Owners and Investors partner with Xago. 
Partner with CERTAINTY. www.xago.io


About FintechCashier Group

The FintechCashier Group is a payment gateway and solution provider, setting up the operation and support during all stages from onboarding to full deployment. FintechCashier guarantees a seamless, transparent, and fast portal for their customers to receive the transaction related funds of their clients, to manage their cash flow, and to make settlements. FintechCashier supports a wide spectrum of services, ranging from credit card processing, exchange, eCommerce and wire solutions. Their platform works with the global market technology infrastructure. www.fintechcashier.com 

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