A guide to Alternative Payment Methods

What is an APM?

APMs refer to any payment that isn’t cash or a major international credit card brand. Alternative payment options include domestic cards, cash-based vouchers, digital wallets — such as Apple Pay and Google Pay — or bank transfers, direct debits, cheques, and mobile payments.
Fintech Cashier, in collaboration with Nuvei, offers a comprehensive range of online alternative payment options. In this instance, you must be informed of the various possibilities available to potential new customers.

Why would you as a costumer, prefer to work with APM’s?

Customers have preferences when it comes to payment methods, whether for practical reasons, security concerns, or simply convenience. Some customers might rather not input their credit card information, while others would rather use a different mode of payment. Anything that speeds up the checkout process and eliminates some of the annoyances associated with online transactions is welcomed by all customers.
Consumers can pay for goods and services online utilizing direct online transfers from their bank accounts using the real-time bank transfers payment mechanism. Using our SWIFT service, Fintech allows you to send money and make payments anywhere over the world.
Furthermore, our SEPA services provide you with the incredible option to make Euro transactions in a matter of seconds! Isn’t that amazing?
Fintech Cashier accepts Visa and Mastercard’s which works similarly to Domestic cards. These are popular because they are tailored to the specific demands of market consumers and can often save merchants money on processing fees
E-wallets are electronic wallets that allow you to store money online. Customers load funds into their e-wallets via bank transfer, card, or cash and then use them to make payments online, offline, and in some situations, person-to-person and cross-border.
PayPal and Alipay are two examples of e-cash methods. PayPal is popular among online buyers for a variety of reasons. It eliminates the need to enter credit card information when they make purchases. This makes them feel safer, as many individuals are apprehensive about entering credit card numbers, particularly on unfamiliar eCommerce sites. It also allows you to check out with only a few clicks without revealing any personal information to the online business.
Alternative payment options should be a key component of your payment strategy. Customers prefer what they are familiar with. Why would people try something different to shop with you if they always pay the same way? Why introduce extra payment friction and difficulty when ease is essential in closing sales? Allow them to pay their way, no matter where they are. That’s why, in collaboration with Nuvei, Fintech Cashier brings you all the alternative payment ways right at your fingertips.
And being reactive isn’t enough… If you wait until APMs reach critical mass before offering them, you’ll be too late. Your potential clients will have already spent money with competitors who have addressed their demands earlier by this time. So, what exactly are you waiting for?
Join Fintech Cashier today, be proactive, and collaborate with us to gain a thorough insight into local trends so you can exceed customer expectations by providing frictionless, first-class payment experiences

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