About Us

The Best Gateway Cashier

Our platform offers our merchants one of the most critical services associated with their business which contributes to its success.

Our Gateway provides access to a comprehensive web system to manage your transactions and covers all the technology required for payment services.

Our Gateway Cashier architecture is configured as a complete infrastructure = a BAAS – “Backend As A Service” web-based platform, which implements a quick, innovative approach to deal with payments, complete accuracy and fast speed. Our services portfolio covers end to end, clients, merchants, PSPs, and affiliates management needs, delivered with first-class services.

FintechCashier is the brand of our Gateway Cashier, setting up the operation and support during all stages from onboarding to full deployment. FintechCashier guarantees a seamless, transparent, and fast portal for our customers to receive the transaction related funds of their clients, to manage their cash flow, and to make settlements. Our Affiliates & partners enjoy revenue sharing and an attractive commission plan.

FintechCashier provides a Gateway Cashier Technology supporting a wide spectrum of services, ranging from credit card processing, exchange, eCommerce and wire solutions. Our platform works with the global market technology infrastructure.

Our platform is the foundation of a true MPE – a Merchant Payment Ecosystem to companies in the Fintech market, and at the same time keeps strict KYC policies, Fraud & Risk Management, and guarantees certified compliance with GDPR & PCI DSS Level 1.

Our Gateway Cashier platform provides tools, accompanied by a skilled, motivated and committed team, offering a portfolio of global solutions – all to facilitate payment services: transactions, payouts, and settlements in multiple currencies and countries.

Our Mission
Meet our team
At FintechCashier we believe that our hard working and experienced team are secret to our success
Shalom Dodoun
Shalom Dodoun
Founder and CEO
Shalom Dodoun is the Founder and CEO of Fintech Digital Solutions and recently launched FintechCashier
Christine Kulbas
Head of Marketing
Christine Kulbas as head of marketing brings value with her innovative touch, awareness and high education from London's top Business Schools
Natalie Kastberg
Head of Operations
Natalie Kastberg has experience working in various sectors in the financial industry
Paul Renner
Head of Family Offices and Compliance
Paul Renner has over 20 years’ experience launching several companies creating deals and Joint Ventures
Kemi Akinsanya
Head of Legal and Money Laundering
Reporting Officer
With over 12 years’ experience in private practice, Kemi Akinsanya is Fintech cashier’s Head of Legal and Money Laundering Reporting Officer
Arie Amir
Onboarding Officer
Arie is a team member of the Customer Support for International customers on the payment system of FintechCashier
Romy Mor
A Head of Finance and Client Relations
Romy Mor began her career with Fintechcashier, gaining unparalleled experience in the fintech field.